Should I write my blog in English?

Should I write my blog in English?
Tough question..

If you look at the numerous blogs about coding, developing and technology in general, then there are many more English blogs than German.
This implies that there might be less interested readers for a German blog with that topics as well.
Wikipedia asserts that 105 million people speak German as their native language, 185 million speak German globally. On the other side there are 375 million native English speakers – and impressive 1.5 billion people who speak English worldwide! The sheer size of the potential readership speaks clearly for English.

I have spent a long time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each language. German is my mother tongue and writing is much easier. For an English article I just need more time. Of course this will change with time, but time is an important factor. Furthermore the quality of my writings will be even higher in my native language. The practical reasons speak therefore rather for German.

BUT the technological central point of the world is America with the Silicon Valley as its heart. No one can deny that this is where most new technology is invented and introduced. Every big player, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft – just the name a few – sits there. Nearly every programming language is in Englisch too.

So I will start write posts in English but it may well be that I switch back to German at some point or at least for some posts.

For now I am just happy that I meet my self-imposed goal to write one post a month at least.

Stay tuned for more folks!